Monday, May 16, 2011

Segment-Busting: An Infiniti Trademark

A lot of people look to the Germans when it comes to vehicles that create new-segments, but in fact Infiniti has been first in line when it comes to sporting crossover-type vehicles.

One example is the Infiniti FX, a vehicle launched 8 years ago. The FX was the first pure-sport inspired crossover on the market. Armed with a powerful engine and pure form design, the FX was truly uniuque in its approach to what a crossover could be. The current generation still evoques inspiration, and has come to define the artwork of Infiniti.

Another example is the Infiniti EX, a vehicle that takes the approach of the FX, although in a smaller package, making it a fantastic city and country vehicle. The Infiniti EX is easy to drive and easy to love. It features phenominal handling and of course, inspired performance.

Now, after 22 years of providing Inspired Performance, you can find your Infiniti in Central Pennsylvania.

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