Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over 20 Years of "G"

It's hard to believe, but the fun-to-drive Infiniti G20 hit the road over 20 years ago, and since then the G has evolved into a 328 horsepower example of Inspired Performance. With a modest debut in 1991, the G20 served as the perfect entry level vehicle for new Infiniti customers. It featured an understated exterior with a comfortable interior. It also features a punchy 4 cylinder engine that provided exceptional fuel economy.

When the G20 was redesigned in 1998, the formula stayed mostly the same. That all changed when the all-new Infiniti G35 hit the road in 2003. It was a revolution. Offering the same level of performance as the competition at a much more acceptable price point, the G35 was an instant success. It was also realised in a sexy two door version.When the G35 was redesigned in 2007 it brought even more sophistication and higher levels of luxury. Just two years later it was replaced by the 328 horsepower G37, which today is enhanced even further with a hard-top convertible and the IPL performance versions. Its been a fun ride, and the best is yet to come...

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