Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How Long Does an Infiniti Last?

What you see above is a very well-traveled 13 year old Infiniti. How well travelled? This 2000 Infiniti I30 has covered over 373,000 miles and is still going strong. It belongs to a great service client at Infiniti of Mechanicsburg, Wendell Yorkman. He shared his story with us:

Over 12 years ago, for my 50th birthday, I decided to get rid of the family station wagon and treat myself to a luxury car. The children were all grown and college tuitions were done, so it was time for an upgrade. I happened upon a 2000 Infiniti I30 that was just the right color, right amenities and, best of all, the right price. From my first test drive I knew this was the car for me. The ride was so smooth and comfortable that I insisted on taking it home with me that night; even though they had not serviced or cleaned it from the previous owner.

That was January 2001 and the car had 19,000 miles. Now it has over 373,000 miles and is still running as smooth as the day I bought it. I love to drive so I have driven many times to places like Chicago, Ill., Detroit, Mich., all over New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I’ve made numerous trips to Columbus, Ohio, Warren, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Memphis TN., St. Louis, Missouri, Atlanta, Ga. New Orleans, La., Austin, Tx., Baltimore, Md., Washington, D.C., Virginia, Boston and Cambridge, Mass., West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and all states in between. There was a time that I would keep an overnight bag in the trunk just in case I decided to take a spontaneous trip.

I never would have thought that a car could give such satisfaction and consistent, reliable performance over the years and miles. All this with minimal maintenance; regular oil changes, tires, brakes and tune up. My hope is that I can get another 50-60 thousand miles. I am convinced that my next automobile will be an Infiniti. For me, that’s the only logical choice. I have been test driving an Infiniti M each year since 2010 imagining the day when I’ll have one of my own. Until then, I’ll keep covering the miles in my I30.
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